The path of the gods

An arid area – unfortunately the signs of recent bush fires, are still evident and only time can repair.

Luckely there are quite a few parts, where green dominates…is a human heritage that needs to be protected.

Panoramic view – on the background the S.S. 163 Amalfi Drive; from up here you will forget traffic and noise.

The god’s path – you can admire the sharp lime cliffs, which surround large valleys, with a flourishing nature.

A picture of some years ago – The path is not particulary hard and following the necessary precautions, can be suitable to anyone

Not to ignore, that who suffers of“Dizziness”, could have difficulties….specially if leaning out too much.!

A pigeon shows us the route in the mist – 8 months a year on the Amalfi Cost the sun shines, but in some occasions, the panorama is to be imagined..

The colours of this Photo, give an idea of how the view appears usually !

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