Amalfi Coast

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Amalfi Coast

For centuries visitors have been spellbound by the Amalfi Coastline.The lush green elevations that plunge themselves into the cobalt blue sea, the picturesque landscapes, the local cuisine based on the freshness of the local produce, together with the excellent Hotel accommodation and the cordial hospitality of the local people, makes this stretch of paradise one of the most exclusive and highly appreciated travel locations in the world. There is an even more fascinating side to this Coastline that very few people are aware of (these people are most fortunate I would say). The little known aspects of the Amalfi Coast consist of seemingly simple elements which are deceptively amazing.

This coastline has mountain paths originally used by pilgrims and merchants which are still in excellent condition. They weave their magical way through unspoiled Mediterranean coastal flora and fauna, which contrast with more rugged areas of Limestone grottos and rock formation.

The best known one of these paths is called the “Path of the of the Gods” because of its fantastic position half way between the sky and the sea. It rises on average at around 500 metres above sea level. The view is incomparable when seen from Praiano and Positano.

The vista spans to one side, as far as the island of Capri, and the Cilento region on the other. It is because of our deep love and passion for these mountains and the hope of preserving their existing natural treasures that we desire to share their beauty with our visitors. For an unforgettable day, all you need is: comfortable shoes suitable for bushwalking, a camera and love for walks in the open air.!

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